Sunday, July 10, 2011


Katie is my older sister.  Nice, cool, and awesome... though I don't like to admit the awesome part.  I can remember all the fun and goofy stuff we did. I remember Katie told me stuff that she thought was true but really was not. Once she told me that there was so many numbers in the world that a book was a number. Katie probably still thinks some stuff are true that is not. There are so many benefits that come with having a big sister. You have someone too make memories with, she can help you, and share, and very fun to correct even though they are older than you. Without katie I would not know God the way I do. Katie means sister to me but also means best friend.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Trip to ND

Our trip to ND was fun even though I was asleep most of the time.When got to my grandma's house it was like 11:00 pm every one was tired from the long trip. So we fell asleep really fast. The next day my Uncle, Aunts, new baby cousin, Grandma and Grandpa arrived. We also saw Hattie and Townes who are my cousins. We went to the farm, we played in the schoolhouse and water. We ate lots of cookies. We had a fun time. We got to my Grandma's house and ate dinner. A couple days later we went on a boat ride with my Uncles. It was lots of fun to look at the water. We went to the farm again and had a talent show. We jumped on the trampoline and we got to hold chickens. We were going to leave on Wednesday but we had to leave on Friday because of flooding.  On the way back we got to color and have fun on the trip.  I fell asleep for about an hour. When we got home our dad was waiting for us. Now we are at home and I Just got my new blog and I am having a lot of fun.